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SAIDAPET JONES ROAD Arivuthiru Koil MVKM trust is affiliated to world Community Service Centre (Number 271). We are happy to associate with world Community Service Centre Objectives and programs.

Vethathiri Maharishi's profound revelations enabled him to synthesize a complete science of living for the betterment of humanity through:

*  Simplified Kundalini Yoga (SKY) meditation ,
*   Simplified Physical Exercises ,
*   Introspection and
*   Kaya Kalpa Yoga.

His writings add new dimensions to current philosophy, science and literature, and provide deep insights into how self, society and nature are interconnected. Vethathiris lifetime contributions are called "Vethathiriyam", which literally translates as a roadmap to the mountain of knowledge. It is an emerging worldview for a new millennium.

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NASIYAM - A Siddha Medical Camp for ALL on Sunday, 17-JUNE-2018, Morning b/w 7-9 AM, All are Welcome!

WCSC-University Courses, For more details; Please Click Here

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